Bangkok Midnight Tour by Tuk-Tuk

Welcome to the Bangkok Midnight Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk, brought to you by JustXplore – an experience that promises to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your sense of adventure.

The Experience:-

The journey begins at either 19:30 or 20:30, with small groups of 2 to 10 participants convening at the designated meeting point. From there, the adventure unfolds over the course of four exhilarating hours, with each moment promising new discoveries and culinary delights.

Itinerary Highlights:-

Meeting Point: The starting point sets the stage for the evening’s festivities, with participants gathering to embark on their epic gastronomic journey

Night Market Exploration: Dive headfirst into the vibrant energy of Bangkok’s night markets, where a myriad of stalls beckon with tantalizing aromas and colorful displays.

Flower Market: Experience the sensory overload of Bangkok’s iconic Flower Market, where fragrant blooms mingle with the hustle and bustle of local vendors.

Bangkok Old City: Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Bangkok’s Old City, as your Tuk-Tuk winds its way through narrow alleys and historic landmarks.

Chinatown Adventure: Discover the culinary treasures of Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern innovation.

Hidden Gem: Uncover a hidden gem tucked away in the city’s labyrinthine streets, where surprises await around every corner.

Drop-Off Point: As the tour draws to a close, bid farewell to your trusty Tuk-Tuk and reflect on the evening’s unforgettable experiences.

What’s Included

Our Bangkok Midnight Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk includes everything you need for an unforgettable evening:-

Tuk-Tuk Adventure: Travel in style aboard a traditional Tuk-Tuk, the iconic symbol of Bangkok’s bustling streets.

Admission Ticket: Gain exclusive access to some of the city’s most coveted culinary destinations.

Licensed Guide: Benefit from the expertise of our knowledgeable guides, who will provide insights into Thai culture and cuisine throughout the tour.

Food & Snacks: Indulge in a diverse array of local delicacies, handpicked to showcase the best of Thai cuisine.

Insurance Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re covered by comprehensive insurance throughout the duration of the tour.

Pricing and Reservations

The Bangkok Midnight Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk is priced at 2,190 per person, offering exceptional value for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Advance reservations are highly recommended, as spaces are limited and tend to fill up quickly.


Embark on a journey of culinary discovery and cultural immersion with JustXplore’s Bangkok Midnight Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or an adventurous traveler seeking new thrills, this unforgettable experience promises to leave a lasting impression and create memories to cherish for years to come. Book your spot today and get ready to explore the vibrant flavors of Bangkok’s bustling streets under the enchanting glow of the midnight sky.